The philosophy of my work is about the energy, order and chaos that occurs during psychological or physical stress, which serve as theoretical support to the mark-making and constructs of my work. The surface is often an analogy to the body and memory, in which experience occurs and is transformed. The visual elements of the brain, along with its scientific charting and diagrams, serve as inspiration and a starting point of abstraction for paintings/drawings and installations, in both traditional and non-traditional materials.

My paintings on canvas and on paper involve the palimpsest process, where layers of paint are scratched to reveal further paint beneath. The canvas is cut and re-stitched, creating an abstract work on the margins of painting, drawing, and sculpture.

My work involves the transformation first from the idea of an impulse to
scientific representation and measurement, and second, from scientific representation back to abstracted mark-making, color, texture and
re-purposed and re-constructed materials.